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Hair loss solution

Hair contrast offers a solution for hair loss which can be customised by length, volume, colour, density, texture and style.  From thinning hair to excessive hair loss. Made from 100% cuticle remy human hair. 

Take back your confidence

T-Parting – Thinning Hair

Specially designed for minor hair loss, this product acts as a small change but makes a big difference! This hair piece is an affordable solution that makes a huge impact to ones self-confidence and appearance. It has been specially designed for individuals that would like to add more length or volume to their hair and to be the solution for all minor hairs loss issues. 

Top Extension – Excessive Hair Loss

Specially designed for excessive hair loss the “Top Extension” is neither a wig or a toupee. It is the best solution for those who suffer from excessive hair loss and it is customised to fit their head shape perfectly, while being aligned  in place to the desired area. It is also the best solution for those who have a high receding hairline, which is a common issue amongst men.  It has the ability to be styled freely and the breathable hair piece has a very natural look.

New Me – Multiple Patches/Areas of Baldness

Specially designed for pattern baldness. Having a few areas that are effected with hair loss should not be there reason why someone needs to wear hats or wigs, making their scalp unbreathable. This is why our product called “New Me” is the saviour for these situations. Have it customised to fit all affected areas perfectly as it blends with your natural hair, providing a natural appearance.

Nordic Tape Extensions – Luxurious Long Lasting Hair

The next generation of tape systems has officially arrived. The duration of the installation is significantly short compared to other hair extensions, which means that the process of attaching the extensions is very short. The tape extensions add more length and volume but they also give you the ability to achieve your ideal look since the weft can now be divided into smaller pieces, which can be placed anywhere with a secure attachment.

Air Skin – Completely Bald or Suffer from Alopecia

A patented wig for those who have no hair. Specially designed for patients suffering from alopecia or for those who are completely bald. We’ve created this patented product called “Air Skin”, which is no ordinary wig. The polyurethane inner material is very fine, which makes the material thin enough to wear glasses normally and the feel the wind go through the wig as it allows your sccalp to breathe.

Fine Skin – Bald but able to grow very little hair

Designed for those who are note 100% hairless. Rotating between standard wigs or toupees can make it hard to determine what is your true image and identity. If having no hair does not reflect how your want to be viewed, then use the “Fine Skin” which allows you to have a new set of hair that can be professionally cut and styled. The transparent material provides a natural appearance and allows you to create different styles like everyone else with hair. Change up your hair, part it in various ways, realise that this is your own natural hair.

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